The Reda Brothers’ Dark Cinematic Universe

The Writer / Director team of Jack and Mike Reda have created a series of short films that all exist in the same cinematic universe. In fact, these films all take place in the fictional Marehannock County in southern Virginia, near the border of North Carolina.

These films include Portent (2019), Coventown (2018), WHATEVER IT IS (2018) and its sequel, Mr. Keeps (2021). Feature-length versions of these films will include similar locations and characters that can cross over between the different stories, creating a unique landscape for supernatural horror storytelling.

Our goal is to find partners to help us tell these stories on a larger scale, and build a catalogue of films that are all interconnected. These shorts are a proof of concept; if we can create unique stories and bring them to life with minimal crew and virtually no resources, imagine what we can do with the right partners on our side!

Mr. Keeps, 2021
Portent, 2019
Coventown, 2018

More Stories

We have countless stories and spinoffs that can be told within this dark universe, and we’re looking for partners who would like to help us bring these stories to life. The Reda Brothers are able to deliver professional quality production on a tight timeline without having a very big budget. We’re committed to affordable filmmaking as we maintain intriguing stories, polished visuals, and great performances.