Applebox Cinema Co

I met cinematographer Derek Donovan back in film school, and we didn’t exactly hit it off instantly. Mostly because Derek doesn’t talk. You’re lucky to get more than a head nod or an acknowledging “Mmm hmm” out of him when you’re on set. But after working on a few projects together, we developed a really strong working relationship and he became my most trusted colleague. Not only is he a fantastic DP, but we work well together, and we both set very high standards for ourselves.

For the past year or so, Derek and I have been toying around with the idea of starting up our own production business. Neither of us know anything about starting a business, but we know how to make cinematic films and videos. We weren’t happy with the quality of freelance projects we had been working on, and we wanted to break into bigger-budget projects, music videos and TV commercials.

So one bright and sunny afternoon (probably), Derek and I decided to start Applebox Cinema Co. We picked an arbitrary item from a grip truck, added the word “cinema” to indicate that we produce higher-quality video than a typical media agency, and called it a “Co.” to make it look more legitimate.

We still have no idea what we’re doing, and the business is still in its infancy, but we already have a few projects lined up that we’re excited about. We have an Instagram account that we’re starting to populate, and a website that still needs a few finishing touches, but overall we’re ready to start producing cinema-quality film and videos.

Tell your friends! Thanks for reading!